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this is where i put new work and thoughts.

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  10. Anonymous asked: There's this beautiful haze quality that you achieve in your work - I was wondering how you do this.

    shoot wide open, right into the sun

  11. Anonymous asked: Hi! Your works are amazing! What kind of cameras and films r u using?

    hi! thank you! canon 5dmk 2 and pentax k1000. 

  12. Anonymous asked: what are you tips for becoming successful and getting your name out? also, are you self taught or did you go to university. your work is absolutely stunning, one of my favorite photographers. have a lovely day :)

    hi! that’s really nice of you! i did go to university. i don’t really know what to say to you about success. everybody has a different version of what this means to them personally, and over time my perception of it has changed dramatically.

    if your work is good,  you will become known. i’m lucky - it was a very organic process for me. and also a case of the right aesthetic at the right time. i didn’t know anyone in the industry at all when i started. and not being a shit person also helps.

    i wouldn’t say i’m any where near my own version of ‘successful’, but i’m so flattered you see it that way. keep taking the pictures!

  13. Anonymous asked: A lot of your images have this great warmth tone to it. Is this due to the type of film you are using? Or is it postproduction? Or simply camera settings and lighting?

    mostly lighting. partly filters. i use colour filters to counteract cold tones. and i weave around direct light, or shoot directly into it.  

  14. jacquidee asked: wow amazing. your photos are perfect. what kind of film camera do you use?

    thank you - pentax k1000. i don’t have it with me though. i miss the sound the shutter makes.

  15. all that is left for us now, is wind and dust  all that is left for us now, is wind and dust 
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    all that is left for us now, is wind and dust